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Varsity Letters & Letterman Jackets

Congratulations to our Sequoia Varsity Athletes! Varsity athletes who complete their sports season in good academic and athletic standing have earned Sequoia’s “block S” Varsity Letter. Varsity letters are a symbol of the time, energy and hard work Sequoia students put into our sports programs. We are proud of these student-athletes and hope they will proudly display their “block S” on their bulletin board, in a scrapbook, on social media, or on a Sequoia letterman jacket.

Varsity letters and accompanying sports emblems may be presented at the team’s end-of-season banquet or collected from the Athletic Director’s office after completion of the season.

Families interested in letterman jackets can customize and place an individual order directly from Jostens/Neffco at Order Letterman Jackets from Neffco.


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